Our service - What we do

At the Workforce Partnership we work closely with trusts to tackle their strategic Nursing vacancies. We recruit and vet cohorts of qualified overseas Nurses taking care of everything from the NMC registration checks and language tests to the first interview through to visa requirements and the detail of the move to the UK. There is a lot to think about for everyone involved, The Workforce Partnership provides a complete service for both Trusts and potential candidates from start to finish.

Our purpose - Why we do it

Temporary clinical staffing is not sustainable or effective. It is unnecessarily expensive and puts risks on care quality/patient experience . The most effective way to solve this is recruitment of permanent full-time registered Nurses. The single most powerful action to maintain care - is to recruit more FTE registered nurses

Our benefits - What we deliver

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Our ethos - The way we do it.

The Workforce Partnership approach is underpinned by 5 key pledges; Ethical recruiting, Operational excellence, Clinical excellence, Financial improvement and Accountability

We conduct ethical recruitment in which the needs of the individual candidate nurse is paramount. We adhere to and fully endorse the NHS code of practice for international recruitment.



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 We will never charge any nurse candidates for any service at any point. We will be with you at every stage


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We will always provide nurses to a Trust who are fully qualified and ready to enter the OSCE programme


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We will work with the end users of our Nurses; Matrons, Ward Managers and PDNs to constantly improve our service and deliver the right nurses into the right ward teams


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We will assist Trusts to describe the enduring financial benefits of investing in an overseas nursing programme, both reduced agency spend and reduced recruitment fees


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Our UK management team will be available to the boards of the NHS Trust in person in the UK at any time