The UK urgently needs more qualified Nurses; To care for patients and reduce temporary staffing spend. Our Mission is to solve the Nursing staffing crisis.


Our Vision is to solve it with integrity, transparency and accountability, linking strategic needs at a Trust level to operational needs in each ward whilst caring for and respecting the individual candidate Nurses. 

We supply registered overseas nurses to the NHS to fill the urgent 40,000+ nationwide vacancies. We manage the entire process on behalf of the Trust and personally advocate for the individual Nurses every step of the way. Every nurse and cohort of nurses will deliver sustained financial savings to the NHS and increase consistency of care quality.


Hospital Trusts

Lasting workforce solutions. See how Trusts can very rapidly hire FTE Nurses into vacant positions and drive down temporary staff spend for good. 

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The WP difference

Your new career in the UK. Are you a qualified Nurse? Learn how to convert your qualification for the NHS; the language and visa requirements and finding a job. We manage every step with you.

Why partner with us. Ethically based, respectful of the individual and in full understanding of pressures on NHS Trusts

The NHS Nursing challenge

Key numbers:

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100'000 vacancies in the NHS

Across the 1.2 million NHS workers there is an 8% vacancy rate and rising

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50'000 vacant Nursing posts

14% of the total Nursing workforce

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£1.5 Billion extra cost to employ temporary Nurses

The additional cost of temporary Nursing staff  is estimated at £1.5 Billion above employing the same number of full time Nurses

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8'800 EU Nurses have left the NHS since 2016

BREXIT has undermined the position of EU based workers

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2 Million operations postponed

The Covid-19 crisis has placed additional pressure on the workforce and created an enduring problem as elective and non-urgent procedures are postponed.


10,000 international nurses needed every year under the 2022 Elective Care Recovery Plan

“Since the inception of the NHS, our patients have benefited from the skill, compassion and commitment of international nurses. In the short to medium term, given existing vacancy rates and the lead times for training new nurses, we will need to increase international recruitment significantly to secure rapid increases in supply. This will require refocusing our efforts to ensure that the system for overseas recruitment is effective, that employers are supported and that we benefit from economies of scale”

NHS Interim People Plan Jun 2019

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